Two Little Monkeys……..

I did a 1st Birthday Party for Twin Girls. The mom wanted turquoise and hot pink. I love the way all the colors matched up with all the printed papers. Everything turned out Super Cute and I am sure their  Party was DOUBLE the fun!!

Etsy 003

Here is a Cake Topper. Each girl had their own Smash Cake Topper!

Etsy 006

Each girl Also had their own hanging  Monkey Party Sign.

Etsy 024

a Matching Banner

Etsy 029 

We did some smaller hanging Monkey decorations to match.

Etsy 023  Etsy 016

And Favor tags to send all little Monkeys on there way!!

Happy 1st Birthday to Caroline and Avery!

My Katie’s 3rd Birthday!

Oh what A Happy Day!! Katie has been looking forward to her Birthday for weeks and with her watching me make all her decorations it was a long wait for her, but the day finally arrived and she was so very Happy!!

Katie's 3rd Birthday 182

If you know anything about me and my little family you know that We LOVE Disney, so a Minnie Mouse Theme was a Must!! Her Party Decorations were inspired by  Minnie Mouse of course and When I found the Perfect Dress for her from another Etsy seller, amacim, She makes adorable Disney wear, I had to add in some Zebra Print!

Katie's 3rd Birthday 188 

Katie Loved her Minnie Mouse Happy Birthday Banner I made for her, right down to the Sparkle Letters, she LOVES Sparkles! …

Here are More Party Decorations……



Party SignsKatie's 3rd Birthday 132

Katie's 3rd Birthday 145

Katie's 3rd Birthday 194 Yummy! Yummy! Cupcakes!!

Katie's 3rd Birthday 272

Got to have a Banner for the  Mantel! ooohhh…and look at those

cute Minnie Mouse Birthday Hats!! The Napkin Rings were too cute and The Minnie Mouse Cupcake Toppers and Cake Topper were a huge Hit!!

  Katie's 3rd Birthday 140 Katie's 3rd Birthday 285

Back to the Party Girl!  I love these Pictures of her  patiently waiting for us to Sing Happy Birthday and Eat Cake!

Katie's 3rd Birthday 207 Katie's 3rd Birthday 210 Katie's 3rd Birthday 212 Katie's 3rd Birthday 222

The wait Is OVER!! “Happy Birthday To You….Happy Birthday Miss Katie….”

Katie's 3rd Birthday 223

And Wishes Were Made!!

Katie's 3rd Birthday 226

No Party is without PRESENTS!!

Katie's 3rd Birthday 250 Katie's 3rd Birthday 253

A Fun Time was had by All including Mom and Dad and Big Sisters too.

Katie's 3rd Birthday 189 Katie's 3rd Birthday 193

Katie's 3rd Birthday 270

If you’re Looking for a Fun Minnie Mouse Party Please visit my Etsy Shop or Contact me for more Information!!


Tomorrow's the BIG DAY!!

For my 2 year year old, It’s her Birthday and I can’t believe she will be Three! She is super excited about her birthday and with me making party decorations for all my customers she is always thinking that it’s for her birthday and I have to say No and reassure her that hers is coming soon.  So now over the last week I can finally say Yes, it’s for YOUR Birthday!!

I have been working hard on her party trying to make it Perfect and I LOVE what I have done. It is all piled up on my  dining room table and I can’t wait to put it all together. That will have to wait until all the cooking and cleaning I must do today to prepare for the party.

I am keeping the theme a secret for now but you can expect me to blog about it next week. You will be seeing lots of Pink Polka Dots and a little bit of Zebra mixed in!!  Want to Guess the Theme!!

Here is a picture of my Soon to be Three year old, enjoying a Summer Day!


What A Cutie!!

More to come on her Birthday Party!!!


Girls, Girls, Girls!!

American Girls that is! If you have daughters that Love to play with American Girl Dolls then this is the Perfect Party for them.  I did this as a customer request as her daughter wanted to play with American Girl Dolls at her birthday party. These cute girl graphics turned out perfect as each one has their own look, just like the dolls. 


AG invite


Etsy 044 Etsy 012

Cupcake Toppers and Favor Bag Tags

Etsy 006 


I can do more matching items for this theme, I think it is just too cute and I had a lot if fun working on it. Click HERE for more information on the American Girl Party !

Graphics by sanqutti


A Whale of a Tale!!

I had a request for Pink Whales! My customer was doing a Preppy Pink Whale Party (how Cute) and she needed some hats fast. I came up with this cute little whale and it was perfect.


Etsy 046 Etsy 047

Etsy 045


A Perfect Summer Time Birthday! I bet they had a

Whale of a Time!!

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Primary Colors!!

With Three Girls I really do not do a lot with Primary colors. It’s all about Pink at my house and I love it!! So when customers are requesting primary colors I have to admit I have to run to the craft store and Stock up on Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow papers. Not that I didn’t have these colors just not in their original form!! I started playing with the colors and I really liked the outcome and the ideas started rolling in of what I could create. I can do Circus, Farm, Super Hero, Truck, Cupcake, Sesame Street, and the list goes on. Here are a few things I have done for customers using Primary Colors. They are Super Cute, However I think my girls will still want PINK at there Parties, especially my two year old who request everything she own be Pink right down to her ice cream and Jell-O!

Etsy 047

Etsy 052

Etsy 055 Etsy 056

Etsy 046 Etsy 035

Circus topper

I really LOVE these Party Decorations in Primary Colors!! They are just Too Cute!!

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Hot Pink and Zebra Print Party..........You Have to Love it!!

I was contacted by a customer who wanted a "Wild about One" Birthday Party for their little girl in Hot Pink and Zebra Print. It was perfect timing as I wanted to do a Hot Pink and Zebra Print party and this gave me the opportunity to get it done.

The Cake Topper tuned out really cute I Love the Zebra, perfect for a One Year old!

Cupcake Toppers

This was a fun Party to work on and it all turned out so adorable.

Hot Pink and Zebra will be perfect for Teen, Tween, Sweet Sixteen or any Wild Girls you might know!! My 13 year old has already requested it for her next Birthday!!

Go Here for information on how to get you Hot Pink and Zebra Party!!


Party Signs

Love the Cupcakes!!

Adorable Girl Monkey!!

Cute Ladybugs

Silly Monkey!

Aren't they just Too Cute!! I didn't realize how many people wanted party signs but I have had a lot of request for them so of coarse I am Happy to create. They are a Perfect way to welcome your guest or just hang inside for decoration. I have a feeling I will be making a lot more of these!

Click here for more information on how to get your Custom Party Sign!

Where has Summer Gone!

Well no where, it is still summer after all but with the kids getting ready to head back to school and dance in just TWO weeks, Summer Fun is starting to slow down. Summer has flown by and blogging unfortunately has been at the bottom of the To Do list, but has remained at the top of my mind on things I Want to do. With three kids you don't always get to do what you want to do, and that's OK.

My Etsy Shop is doing Great and I have been super busy filling orders. I have been so pleased with the positive responses that I have received and can't wait to dig in even further. I have so many ideas . I Love when a customer wants me to do a custom party, it gives me a chance to create something new and usually it is a theme I have been wanting to do just haven't had time to play with.

Blogging is now on my To Do list so I will be around here a lot more.