Primary Colors!!

With Three Girls I really do not do a lot with Primary colors. It’s all about Pink at my house and I love it!! So when customers are requesting primary colors I have to admit I have to run to the craft store and Stock up on Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow papers. Not that I didn’t have these colors just not in their original form!! I started playing with the colors and I really liked the outcome and the ideas started rolling in of what I could create. I can do Circus, Farm, Super Hero, Truck, Cupcake, Sesame Street, and the list goes on. Here are a few things I have done for customers using Primary Colors. They are Super Cute, However I think my girls will still want PINK at there Parties, especially my two year old who request everything she own be Pink right down to her ice cream and Jell-O!

Etsy 047

Etsy 052

Etsy 055 Etsy 056

Etsy 046 Etsy 035

Circus topper

I really LOVE these Party Decorations in Primary Colors!! They are just Too Cute!!

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  1. Sherry, you are so good at this! I wish you all the success in the world with this new endeavor!