Mickey and Minnie Mouse Birthday Hats!

I have a Huge response from my daughters Minnie Mouse Birthday Party. It was so much fun. The Hats were a Big Hit even the adults loved them.  Here are some in Red, Black and Yellow I did for a customer. Too Cute!! I would have loved to see all the Mickey and Minnie’s running around during this party.



I could not help but try one on Katie as she was really excited seeing all these Hats and she was wearing Black and White Polka Dots, a perfect match!  She thinks everything I make is for her party and I have to say “No, don’t touch, these are for another little girl or boy” and she goes on her Merry Little Way! It’s hard being three.



These hats are available in Pink and Zebra prints also. You can find my Mickey and Minnie Mouse Birthday Party Hats in my Etsy Shop by clicking Here or Contact me for more Information!!


  1. these are so adorable, love the talent!

  2. Hi I'm looking to buy the Minnie Mouse Party Hats. Are they still availabe?