Tomorrow's the BIG DAY!!

For my 2 year year old, It’s her Birthday and I can’t believe she will be Three! She is super excited about her birthday and with me making party decorations for all my customers she is always thinking that it’s for her birthday and I have to say No and reassure her that hers is coming soon.  So now over the last week I can finally say Yes, it’s for YOUR Birthday!!

I have been working hard on her party trying to make it Perfect and I LOVE what I have done. It is all piled up on my  dining room table and I can’t wait to put it all together. That will have to wait until all the cooking and cleaning I must do today to prepare for the party.

I am keeping the theme a secret for now but you can expect me to blog about it next week. You will be seeing lots of Pink Polka Dots and a little bit of Zebra mixed in!!  Want to Guess the Theme!!

Here is a picture of my Soon to be Three year old, enjoying a Summer Day!


What A Cutie!!

More to come on her Birthday Party!!!

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