Halloween Party

This is going to be long so sit back and enjoy! This is a Halloween party I did for my daughters. Who knew planning a Halloween Party for 11 to 13 year olds would be a challenge in itself, but all the girls had a great time and the party was fun to create and do!


First here are my Three Girls posing for their annual Halloween pictures for me.  A Mummy , a Jail Bird and a Sweet little Mermaid! They make all the hard work worth it!



What a Cutie!



She got caught!!!



and My Mummy Girl, She really is a Sweetie!


  Now for the Food!101_0673

The table looked Great, we had the lights dimmed and Halloween lights on. We played the Monster Mash, Thriller and lots of other Halloween song favorites.  




Some Party favorites were the Breadstick Bones, Mummy eyes, Cheese Fingers and Live Worm Bait!!



101_0530 101_0505

We Draped the entire ceiling with Webs, It really looked cool and set the Mood very nicely!


101_0510 101_0509

I decorated the Punch Bowl and found a Spooky Ladle! 



I just love these Martha Stewart Mice.




Don’t you Love Our Pet!!



One Of the games we played was to see who could wrap their partner up like a Mummy the Fastest. It was a Hoot!!  Katie even joined in the Fun!


I will leave you with my Sweeties!!  



Pink and Brown Monkey!

Pink and Browns together are just so Sweet, especially for Baby. Monkey’s are always a Hit no matter the age! This Monkey Party Sign and Banner was done for a First Birthday Party for a Sweet little Girl.  I have more Monkey Party's to share in the future so stay tuned!!



If you are interested in Monkey’s for your next party, click here to go to my Etsy Shop or Contact me for more information. I Love doing Custom work!


Cute Halloween!

I am Loving these Cute Halloween Cupcake Toppers and matching Halloween Banner. The Black Cat, Candy Corn, Spider and Pumpkins are Perfect for younger kids. The Halloween Fun is drawing near, I am hosting a Halloween party for my Girls and their friends. Planning is in Full Swing and I hope to share it with you here soon!







Seashell Banner and Mermaids

I did this Seashell banner for a customer doing a Mermaid Party, I loved the way it turned out. The white circles look like the pearls in the claim shell. This would also be cute for any Under the Sea party and a Beach Party.  This banner can be done in many different color schemes and can be matched up with Mermaids, Fish, or anything beach related. The Cupcake Toppers can also be done in this seashell look, and are just too cute!



Contact Me for information on how to Get your Your Cute Seashell Party Decorations!! 



Peace and Groovy

Peace Symbols and Signs are popping up everywhere these days. My 11 year old daughter has gone Peace Crazy this year with  clothing, jewelry, accessories and things for her room.  I was not surprised to get a request for a Peace Party. I did these Cupcake toppers and they are so Groovy!! I am sure I will be getting at least one more request for a Peace and Groovy Party , from my daughter!! 



Airplane Party

Short post today, I have been super busy!!  This Banner and Airplane party sign turned out so cute I just had to share it with you.  I Love the colors and papers.  Makes for a super cute party!