Mickey and Minnie Mouse Birthday Hats!

I have a Huge response from my daughters Minnie Mouse Birthday Party. It was so much fun. The Hats were a Big Hit even the adults loved them.  Here are some in Red, Black and Yellow I did for a customer. Too Cute!! I would have loved to see all the Mickey and Minnie’s running around during this party.



I could not help but try one on Katie as she was really excited seeing all these Hats and she was wearing Black and White Polka Dots, a perfect match!  She thinks everything I make is for her party and I have to say “No, don’t touch, these are for another little girl or boy” and she goes on her Merry Little Way! It’s hard being three.



These hats are available in Pink and Zebra prints also. You can find my Mickey and Minnie Mouse Birthday Party Hats in my Etsy Shop by clicking Here or Contact me for more Information!!


Merry Christmas!

We have been home bound since Friday with a Big Snow Storm. We have 14 inches of very slow melting snow and our road has still not been plowed. So I will enjoy it while it  last since this is the first BIG Snow we have had in 14 years. First time my girls have been able to go play and enjoy the snow how it should be enjoyed and build a BIG Snowman.  They are having a blast.  Being stuck at home has it’s advantages of getting the house ready and presents wrapped before Santa arrives and driving to see family. Also being able to get caught up on orders, that is really nice to do before the holidays, even though I have January Parties lined up after the new year at least I wont fill boggled down.  

This is the first Christmas Snow we have had in our home, in the eight years we have been here so I had to take pictures to savor the moment. So glad I was done Christmas shopping so we can sit back and enjoy the snow and the season!



Yeah, We Love Mickey!! LOL! 



Hope everyone has a Safe and Wonderful Holiday!! Merry Christmas to All.

I will be back with more Party goodies Soon!


My Cassie’s 14th Birthday

My oldest daughter just turned 14Wow, where did time fly off to?  Cassie wanted to Celebrate with a couple of her closest friends so we kept it small  with a night of Bowling and a Sleep over.  She asked me to Surprise her with a banner and all she said was she wanted PINK, so that is what I gave her. Cassie has always been my Pink Girl and that is fine by me.  She and her friends Loved everything and had a Great time!  We had another small celebration with family so she was one Happy Girl.


I took this simple store bought sheet cake and made a Cake Topper it was adorable.


Here is her all PINK  Birthday banner, it really does fit her well!


Cupcakes for the sleep over!! I added the crown on the Cupcake Toppers because I thought it was too cute and your never to old to be a Princess!



Happy Birthday to my Sweet Daughter Cassie who is growing up to be a Very Smart and Beautiful Young Lady!!


So January brings another daughter’s  birthday, Carly turning 12! She doesn't know what she wants to do yet, but I have a feeling there will be some Peace and Love and Happiness going on and I can guarantee we will not be seeing any PINK!!!

Do you have a Tween, Preteen and Teenage party to plan, I would love to help.


Bridget’s Butterfly Birthday

Mom Julie was so nice to send me pictures of her daughter Bridget’s Butterfly Party. It was Bridget’s first birthday and how Adorable is she!!  I was really excited when Julie contacted me to create a Butterfly Birthday Party I love playing with new designs and this one turned out So Cute!



The Food Table looks Yummy and you have to Love the Cake she had made to match the butterfly on the design….So Cute!!



The Banner and High Chair Banner turned out almost as cute as Bridget!2009_11_21_2212

Bridget Birthday Outfit is so Sweet. Looks like a Fun party for Bridget’s first birthday! A Big Thank You to Julie for allowing me to be a party of her daughter’s first birthday and Wishing Bridget a Happy First Birthday!!



Butterfly Birthday

 This Butterfly Birthday Party turned out so Happy and Bright, I just Love it.  The Polka Dots and Stripes are perfect for this theme and would also be great fro a Cupcake Party, Lollipop Party and Ice Cream Parties and so on…!  Love, Love, Love, these Papers……OK I love Polka Dots in all kinds of colors!!!






Like what you see?? Check out my Etsy Store or Contact me for more information!

Winter One-Derland Birthday Party

 As Promised, more Winter One-Derland Pictures. Here are a few items I have created for customers. Colors can be changed according to what your needs are. Lots of pictures. Enjoy looking!


Invitations and Thank you Cards


Party Signs


101_0814 101_0884




Favor Tags


Cupcake Toppers


Cake Topper Set


Visit my Etsy Shop to order your Winter One-Derland Party items!  or Email me for more information!


A Monkey Party for Sam!

Mom Teresa contacted me to do a Monkey for her daughter Sam, her little Monkey. Here are a few party Pictures. Sam looks super Sweet and Adorable, I love her Sparkle Monkey Shirt! What a Sweet Family!



I love the candy polka dots she added to this yummy looking Chocolate cake and Cupcakes!SDC19756

Time for Sam to make A Wish!!


Happy Birthday Sam!!



Leopards, Zebra, Pink and Green!!

Wow what a Super busy week. Just haven’t  had time for my blog and I have so much I want to share. Maybe soon.

For now Check out this Wild Happy Birthday Banner!! Leopard and zebra stripes with lime Green and Hot Pink. Awesome!!




This Wild Birthday is another theme that is great for any age and can be adapted for boys as well by taking out the pink and adding orange, blue or whatever colors you have in mind.  Contact me on information on how to get this Awesome banner!!


Winter One-Derland 1st Birthday Party

Ready for some Frosty Fun!!  A Winter One-Derland Party is Perfect for all those winter babies getting to ready to turn the big "ONE”.  Great for Girls or Boys! I have been wanting to create this party for my Esty shop but haven’t had a chance to play with it.  These are a few samples I put together so you can see what I can do with this theme.  It is sure to turn out super cute and I can’t wait to create the Perfect Frosty Fun Party for someone soon.


Winter One-Derland Party Sign. Again these are quick samples I can customize this party to fit your needs with different colors, wording and more. 


Winter One-Derland Cupcake Toppers for Girl or Boy!




Here are a few paper samples I have to Create a Winter One-Derland Party Banners, Hats, Napkin Rings and More! Pretty Pinks and Blues in different Prints to add with solids as well!



I would Love to work with you to Create your Perfect Winter One-Derland Birthday Party available items are Invitations, Thank You Cards, Happy Birthday Banners, Napkin Rings, Party Signs, Hats, Favor Tags and Bags, Cupcake Toppers, Cake Toppers and more. Please contact me or visit my Etsy Shop for more Information!



Zebra Print and Baby Blue!

Zebra Prints aren’t just for girls. I did this Zebra Print and Baby Blue Cake Topper set for a Sweet little boy turning One. Just goes to prove that Zebra Prints go with just about any colors and theme! 



“ Wild About One” with Zebra and Animal Prints are Great!  Visit my Etsy Shop or Email Me  for more information on my Zebra theme Party’s and remember I can customize and create any themes and color combinations just for you!