Where has Summer Gone!

Well no where, it is still summer after all but with the kids getting ready to head back to school and dance in just TWO weeks, Summer Fun is starting to slow down. Summer has flown by and blogging unfortunately has been at the bottom of the To Do list, but has remained at the top of my mind on things I Want to do. With three kids you don't always get to do what you want to do, and that's OK.

My Etsy Shop is doing Great and I have been super busy filling orders. I have been so pleased with the positive responses that I have received and can't wait to dig in even further. I have so many ideas . I Love when a customer wants me to do a custom party, it gives me a chance to create something new and usually it is a theme I have been wanting to do just haven't had time to play with.

Blogging is now on my To Do list so I will be around here a lot more.

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