Merry Christmas!

We have been home bound since Friday with a Big Snow Storm. We have 14 inches of very slow melting snow and our road has still not been plowed. So I will enjoy it while it  last since this is the first BIG Snow we have had in 14 years. First time my girls have been able to go play and enjoy the snow how it should be enjoyed and build a BIG Snowman.  They are having a blast.  Being stuck at home has it’s advantages of getting the house ready and presents wrapped before Santa arrives and driving to see family. Also being able to get caught up on orders, that is really nice to do before the holidays, even though I have January Parties lined up after the new year at least I wont fill boggled down.  

This is the first Christmas Snow we have had in our home, in the eight years we have been here so I had to take pictures to savor the moment. So glad I was done Christmas shopping so we can sit back and enjoy the snow and the season!



Yeah, We Love Mickey!! LOL! 



Hope everyone has a Safe and Wonderful Holiday!! Merry Christmas to All.

I will be back with more Party goodies Soon!

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