My Cassie’s 14th Birthday

My oldest daughter just turned 14Wow, where did time fly off to?  Cassie wanted to Celebrate with a couple of her closest friends so we kept it small  with a night of Bowling and a Sleep over.  She asked me to Surprise her with a banner and all she said was she wanted PINK, so that is what I gave her. Cassie has always been my Pink Girl and that is fine by me.  She and her friends Loved everything and had a Great time!  We had another small celebration with family so she was one Happy Girl.


I took this simple store bought sheet cake and made a Cake Topper it was adorable.


Here is her all PINK  Birthday banner, it really does fit her well!


Cupcakes for the sleep over!! I added the crown on the Cupcake Toppers because I thought it was too cute and your never to old to be a Princess!



Happy Birthday to my Sweet Daughter Cassie who is growing up to be a Very Smart and Beautiful Young Lady!!


So January brings another daughter’s  birthday, Carly turning 12! She doesn't know what she wants to do yet, but I have a feeling there will be some Peace and Love and Happiness going on and I can guarantee we will not be seeing any PINK!!!

Do you have a Tween, Preteen and Teenage party to plan, I would love to help.

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