Katie’s Princess Merida Brave Party

Katie turned 7 this week and she has been wanting a Brave Birthday party since….Well, last year right after her 6th birthday. She finally got to celebrate this past weekend.
I Designed and made all the Party Printables, she had to approve of each one before I was done with each character and design. I did purchase the background patterns, I loved these since they matched my color scheme and they kind of reminded me of a tapestry look. We know the importance of the tapestry in the movie!
DSCN5060  DSCN5112
DSCN5065  DSCN5066
DSCN5072 DSCN5074
I used blue LED lights on the table for the Wisps!
A little about the food, we had Spell cakes, Target Practice Brownies, Wisp Cookies, Cake, Cupcakes, Chips and Veggies with Dip.
IMG_7662 IMG_7664 DSCN5168 DSCN5096
For the crafts the girls painted on Rocks and then decorated a royal box with their own designs and jewels to keep their special rocks in. They really got into this!
DSCN5094 IMG_7695
Now for the games, When I found a tutorial online (Here’s the Link), on how to make these awesome bow and arrows I knew we had to have them, so I got my Hubby to make these, one for each girl and Wow, I never expected them to be so nice, Hit of the party for sure!
DSCN5203 DSCN5148
We also had a Tarp Game,  found this idea on Pinterest, just buy a tarp cut squares add some paint get some Nerf balls and your good to go. 
DSCN5130 DSCN5128
Time for Cake and GoodiesDSCN5212 
After presents we all headed back outside on a Bear Hunt!  We had Brave Bear cubs packaged up for each girl, we then tied blue balloons, Wisp,  to the bears and had a name on each one. The girls had to follow the Wisp to find the bear with their name, this was cute the girls got really excited about it!
DSCN5231 DSCN5230 DSCN5233
Happy 7th Birthday to my Sweet baby Girl!!

Party printables are available in my shop! Just click Here to see the collection! PartyPops.Etsy.Com

Brave Pack 1
Katue Brave invitation Brae Pack 2
Party printables are available in my shop! Just click Here to see the collection! PartyPops.Etsy.Com

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