Katie’s Cowgirl Party

In planning Katie’s 7th Birthday party I got to thinking about her 6th birthday and how I never posted pictures, yep it’s been awhile since I blogged but I am still here.  We did a Cowgirl Party and it was a blast! 


Each girl was welcomed with a cowgirl hat and bandana.


We started off with making paper doll cowgirls and cowboys, I cut out all the pieces with my cricut, these turned out super cute.

2913   2910

Then it rained!! We had to bring all the games up on my small front porch. So what was planned to be a spacious outdoor fun with several activities as once we had to all squeeze in together one game at a time, Kids didn't care they had a blast Digging for Gold, they could have done that All Day!

2928 2921 

Then we brought up the Milking the Cow game that we rented, HUGE HIT!!




Time for Grub!!

2939 2880






2949 2947 The Girls then learned the Chicken dance! Too Cute!2946

Time to Make a Wish!!

2984 2919


A fun birthday for my Fun girl!  Bye now!!


Birthday #7 coming up in a few weeks!

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  1. Super Cute and So Fun! How funny is it that it rained (more like POURED) at Eileen's party last year, too. The games I had planned couldn't be moved so we had to scrap them. Glad to hear yours were saved! You'll have to email me how you did the panning for gold.