Sweet Shop Birthday Party

I have been doing this Sweet Shop design for a while now, just never got it in my shop until recently. A Sweet Shop Birthday seems to be all the rage these days and why not, it is completely adorable and it gives you an excuse to buy tons of candy and sweets. The colors you can do are endless, you can go with soft colors are be bright and bold. I love it!! If your not doing  a Sweet Shop theme party you can still do a Candy Buffet table so your guest can scoop up there favorite treats as party favors. How Sweet!

Sweet Shop




DSC01205 DSC01179



  1. Another cute theme Sherry! You can't help but smile when you look at your creations!

  2. Hello - just had to follow for you - wow these photos are wonderful - you are so clever my dear! I really like the party hats, and the sweet shop theme. I see lots of children's parties (I am a clown- no - not kidding) so it's nice to see well thought out parties! All the best, come visit me @ Jane:)

  3. Love this theme. Sent you a message on Etsy. Have a couple more questions that I forgot, but I love this. :) Your themes are so beautiful and well made/designed.

  4. Hello, I would like to know what website or company made the tags and cupcake toppers?