Cute Monkey Birthday Party

Do you have a Little Monkey running around your house? I know I do, three in fact, even though two of mine have grown they still act a little Bananas sometimes. Then their is Katie who is always climbing and swinging and is just bouncing from here to there. So I wonder why Monkey Parties are so popular? Monkeys are everywhere on the loose! I have done lots of Monkey Birthday Parties and I Love them all! The color combinations are endless, here are a few of my favorites.  Ready for Picture Overload!! I promise not to load them all.

Love This Pink and Brown and Yellow Monkey Party



Monkey Cake Topper Set

  101_1152 101_1158 101_1175

The Pink and Blue Monkey Party is Bright and Fun.



Green, Brown and Yellow makes a Great Monkey Party, I really Love this one!





Hope you love these Monkeys as much as I do!! If you want Monkeys at your next party see my Etsy shop for more Information!!

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