Welcome to Party Pops!!

Hi, everyone out there in cyber land!!

Welcome to Party Pops

This is my First post on my First blog, yep I’m a Newbie!! This is a blog Under Construction , I have Tons of cute little party goodies and ideas to add in the coming weeks and cannot wait to share them with you. If you love planning parties and are looking for something new and different this will be the place to come. 

I just LOVE my blog layout and would like to thank McPrincessMaree on Etsy for her help in creating the Perfect look for me, I hope you love it too!!  I do hope you come back and check out all the fun things I will be adding until then you can see me on Etsy , Just click HERE!!

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  1. Love...Love...Love, your party banners and all the other items you make. I'm adding you to "My Favorites". Good luck on Etsy. Love you colors and blog design too.
    Congratulations on getting started...:)